The ABC’s: Awesome Burge Cropmobbin’!

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This past weekend Crop Mob went to Burge Organic Farm in Mansfield and MAN did we get some work done! Cory, the super amazing farm manager, did a great job of organizing our tasks so that, once we were all in and accounted for, we hit the ground running! Well, not running, so much as harvesting and weeding. One group harvested an entire field of African winter squash and took fun pickup truck rides to move them to a protected area while another group weeded around asparagus plants that towered over many mobbers heads. We also harvested the dramatically named Bloody Butcher heirloom dent corn, a gorgeous – you guessed it – red variety. We also discovered one of the few things a goat won’t eat when uprooting some coffeeweed, and no Crop Mob would be complete without having to wrangle with some of the dreaded pigweed.

The fried chicken lunch from Miller Union was lifechanging as always. We never stop wondering how we’re lucky enough to have them as a partner. PLUS we had some unbelievable Honey Basil Ale from Folksy Brews. Yes, it was every bit as amazing as it sounds. Even the weather was pretty perfect: cooler than previous mobs with intermittent sprinkles when you needed them most. The farm itself is part of the breathtakingly beautiful Burge Plantation which has been in the same family for over seven generations – or, as the owner accurately put it – since Lincoln was born! It was really awesome to be part of something so historical. In fact, we each got to take home a produce souvenir (prouvenir?) of a winter squash and some heirloom garlic that they found growing on the property from who knows how long ago! We’re hoping mobbers will plant a clove or two to keep this tradition alive. As for me, I’ve already got designs on that winter squash.

And guess what? We get to do it again in under two weeks at Tewksbury Farm! We’ll have more info on that to you today or tomorrow but there are some pretty fun times in the making (think camping, a band, and learning about seriously traditional farming techniques). More on that to come!

Thanks so much to all of you who worked so hard at Burge. Cory couldn’t thank us enough. Hopefully we’ll have a few pictures to share soon, but we couldn’t be prouder of our mobbers. We’re really turning into a strong force farmers can count on when they need it most.

We’re agricultural superheroes, people.

Photo credit: Corey Deyette

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