The Asparagus Mob

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The asparagus mob (that’s what I’m calling it) at Three Sisters Farm was plenty of warm weeding fun. It was definitely warmer than we ordered — on what was, by the calendar anyhow, technically a fall day. But the week’s rainy weather was thankfully nowhere to be seen, and we had a lovely day to work in the field and enjoy our well earned meal on a porch by the water.

I might have mentioned that I learn something every mob – this time I learned that you can have asparagus in the fall (if you don’t harvest it in the spring.) It is also the first time I got up close and personal with asparagus in the field – so tiny and fragile!

We greatly missed our regular photographer, as the multi-tasking mob-boss I fell down on the job. Was so eager to eat the fantastic food from Shoofly Kitchen that I completely forgot to take photos of it before we scarfed it down. Their butternut squash soup (my first of the season) was amazing, along with the fresh beautiful wraps with that asparagus we cared for all day (and greens and peppers from the Three Sisters as well.) We were even treated to a tray of homemade sweets from Shoofly, which were augmented by homemade cookies and ice cream (mmmmm, honey) made by the Three Sisters. Do I talk about the food too much?

This particular mob was the very first live music Savannah Mob. We were treated to Luke Mitchell serenading us on the porch as we ate. The music was pretty sweet, check him out live if you get a chance. Our farmers always make us feel special, what will the next mob do to top this?

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