The First Crop Mob in Atlanta

May 5, 2010 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Crop Mob Atlanta, Crop Mob Georgia, Events, News

Crop Mob Atlanta kicked off a bright future of sustainable fieldwork at The Sun Dog Farmers at Skip’s Garden on Sunday. With over 50 mobbers descending on Douglasville, we quickly got to know one another, heard a very interesting history of the land courtesy of Skip Glover, and hit the ground running! Even the weather smiled on us with periodic sunshine on a day with thunderstorm forecasts.

After several hours of hard work, exchanging stories over stick piles, composing impromptu odes to weeding, moving boulders and otherwise handling tasks that would have taken a farmer months to complete on his or her own, our lunch break was well deserved. Miller Union provided a mouth-watering spread heartily enjoyed by all, and our next mob at Greg Brown’s GreenLeaf Farms was announced for June.

At the end of the day, Crop Mob Atlanta had successfully built new benches, cleared land damaged by the flood to convert to pasture, weeded, removed old posts and dug/set new ones for a tomato trellis, built a permanent herb garden, weeded some more, maintained worm bins, thinned sunflower beds, continued to weed, and more! Whew! Those were some DEDICATED mobbers. We’re thrilled at the outcome of our first mob, and farmers are already clamoring to get in line for our future events!

Other highlights included four adorable baby goats and some very expert hula hooping by various mobbers. If you missed this one, be sure to come with us soon. It is some hard work, but DANG – it was a lot of fun!

Great job, y’all! Check back soon for more info on our GreenLeaf Farms Mob!

Photo Credit: Anthony-Masterson (GROW! The Movie blog)

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  • Woo-hoo! Way to go, Mobbers. Sorry I missed it. I’ll try to make the next one.

  • […] first Mob with the Sun Dog Farmers at Skip’s Garden was such a good time, we’re already hankering for another. This go around we’re heading south […]

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