The Key to a Mobbers Heart

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We’ve made a discovery. As a group of people, us mobbers are pretty low maintenance. We’ll get out and sweat and toil just because we think it’s a good time (and a good cause). And it takes so little to make us happy. The magic equation: Hard Work + Good Food + (Optional but Appreciated Beer) + Cold Body Of Water = Mobber Bliss. Our visit to Wolfscratch Farms was certainly one for the books. We headed for the hills of N. GA to do what we do best – weed! And boy did we ever. We cleaned up rows of okra, tomatoes, eggplant, asparagus, berries – all to the dulcet tones of goats bleating, roosters crowing, guinea fowl running amok…it was pretty great.

In fact – it was a day full of heroism. The people who kept right on working even though we said they could chill out for lunch? Heroes. The couple who went on a cross-county beer run so we could all unwind together? Heroes. (Also, we need to have a little chat about beer bringing etiquette…seriously, people.) Corey, Jamie and family for providing us with a delicious farm-fresh taco lunch? Heroes. And whoever constructed that Platonic ideal of a swimming hole? Epic heroes. We plan to put Wolfscratch on the calendar every summer – just so we can all go back to that swimming hole!

Crop Mob at Burge Organic Farm

Speaking of the Crop Mob summer calendar, y’all know what August means! Time to head back to Burge for some serious farm time. If you’ve never been to Burge, it’s one of the most gorgeous farms we visit – plus Farmer Cory and his adorable family are great hosts. If you have been, we’re sure you’re going to want to come back with us. Plus, there’s talk of Burge’s culinary master Chef Andrew teaming up with the farm-to-table scene’s favorite Irishman Chef Thomas of the Grand Hyatt for a true farm feast! We’ll be harvesting some winter squash, cleaning up the spent splendor of summer and helping Burge get ready for Fall. Spots for this one go fast, so snag yours now!

Click Here to Register for Burge (8/19)

Mini Mob at Oglethorpe University

If you’re not free on Sunday or don’t have the time to leave the city, we also need some mobbers to help us install Oglethorpe University’s relocated garden. Mobber “Food Maven” Amy hosted a screening of Grow! there earlier this summer to help raise funds, and now it’s time to get those beds installed. We’ll need about 10 mobbers for that, so if you can’t make it to Burge – or just want to get dirty two days in a row – go ahead and sign up for that one!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Click Here to Register for Oglethorpe (8/18)

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  • LOVED coming out for the Mob! Had the best time and now regularly go work the farm at Wolf Scratch.
    The swimming hole was the best time I’d had in years!
    And Justin and I both were more than happy to make the beer run. It wasn’t nearly as cross country as you think. 😉
    Hope to see everyone again sometime soon.

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