Treated Like Royalty at Cedar Hill & Our Next Speakeasy

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Last weekend we had the distinct pleasure of mobbing Cedar Hill Enrichment Center in Gainesville, GA. This hidden gem is a pretty spectacular place for vigorous growth and ever important and all too neglected spiritual relaxation. If you’ve never visited, be sure to do so. Not only is the place gorgeous, but if Kat and the crew are even half as nice to you as she was to us, you’ll feel like royalty!

We had a nice morning knocking out various chores from tying and mulching tomatoes to ridding the blackberry patch of some very stubborn crab grass. Luckily, a breeze came by periodically to cool us off a little. We were pleased to see a few new faces and love that people keep finding out about Crop Mob – and we love seeing these newbies turn into regulars even more! After a solid morning of work and some important growing lessons from Dennis, a master gardener who you can often find lending a hand at Cedar Hill, Kat and Colleen treated us to an absolutely delicious meal in a dining room! With real plates and napkins and silverware and everything! Hey, after a long sweaty day the last thing you expect is someone to invite you to sit down to a tablecloth meal…it was pretty special! And the blackberry cobbler…oh my. It made all that wrangling with the crab grass entirely worth it. Be sure to check out Cedar Hill – it’s really a special place and a great place to get away from the city for a day.

Our Next SpeakEasy

And now for a fun announcement, we’ll be having our second Crop Mob SpeakEasy July 14th at Strongbox West. Our topic this go around will be “How do we get Georgians growing NOW?” We might have a few folks lined up to get the discussion kicked off and you might even learn a few things. We can guarantee you’ll have a good time – and meet some good new friends. Let’s aim for a 7:00 meeting time with the goal to start talking the good stuff around 7:30. Feel free to bring beverages, snacks, and the like, though it’s certainly not mandatory…but you know you’re going to want to eat other people’s food when you get there without feeling guilty. Just sayin’. Unfortunately, as of now, we have no live music to promise you like last time, unless a mobber wants to step up between now and then and offer up some stellar musical services. It’ll be a blast either way. And, as always, please register so we can get a headcount, etc. See you there!

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  • Im working w/ Bella Cucina in Atlanta

    (Live in LA and working w/ local farmers/producers there;
    Also on planning committee for GoodFoodFestival and Conference taking place sept 14-18- in LA.
    First year in LA but in its 6th yr in Chicago w/ Family
    (check out:

    Bella Cucina has acre garden site where we want to plant, start holding classes and grow for our CSA baskets.
    Could we get a Crop Mob to come help us on that?

    Also, I’ve just seen The Greenhorns at screening that we did in LA w/ SlowFood and wanted to try to hold screening in Bella Cucina new store- Virginia Highlands.
    Was thinking of screening possibly Friday July 22, and Garden Workday saturday Sat. July 23
    Could do a big CM push at screening Friday night, sell CropMob Tshirts and get more mobbers on board, and also get folks to come next day to help.

    Land has to be weeded, turned and beds created. Would need to bring in compost to amend.
    Could get a good handful of folks from Bella Cucina and also friends, and would have a killer lunch served on site as food at Bella Cucina is awesome!
    Is that a possible site for you mobbers? Would that day be possibility?

    Am on board of Garden School Foundation for 24th St LAUSD elementary school and we hold monthly workdays; get up to 80 folks coming, but could use some mobbers there for big work that needs to get done on acre school garden.

    What do you think about Bella Cucina garden planting?
    We would LOVE to have you guys help us and also love to connect w/ you w/ the new store.
    Could maybe put CM flyers in csa baskets or at store……

    Look forward to meeting you!
    Will be back out to Atlanta for that week, around, July 20
    If that is not a good time, we could do workday in August.
    Want to get garden planted for summer/fall veggies.
    (And Im sure it is as hot out there, as it is here in LA!)

    thanks so much!

    310 745 7100

  • This is a great idea! Is there one in the Knoxville/Smoky Mountain area?

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