Turning it over, and dipping in

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Bear Island Farm must be seen to be believed. In less than 6 months this plot of land was transformed from wilderness to flourishing organic farm. They even started without a tractor. Jamie Vidich and friends started this farm, but at the moment Jamie is carrying the load alone – so we thought he deserved a little mob-love, which we will deliver on Saturday, July 30th.

As the season turns and you are wondering why your favorite farm stands are running bare, come out and see for yourself how one harvest is giving way to preparations for another (fall). We will pull up tomato plants (there are a lot), harvest some absolutely gorgeous eggplant and as always weed, weed, weed. There may be some light building involving a new chicken coop as well.

For our labors, we will be rewarded with a refreshing swim in a beautiful creek that runs along the property. The creek also runs alongside a cluster of islands that includes the Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge – so the setting is spectacular. Your mob-bosses, ever eager to look out for your interests, gave the swim a test run to make sure it was up to crop mob standards.

As the days get hotter (is that possible?) we are moving the start time up to 8:00 am. Trust us, you will still be ready for that swim by 10.

Lunch will be generously provided by The Cast Iron Chef.

See you on Bear Island!

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  • Oh this is awesome! I hope it is alot of fun!

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