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Hey, Mobbers,

First of all, thank you so much for your hard work at Wolfscratch the other weekend; they really appreciated our help, and even the constant rain seemed to cut us a break.

Consider the rest of this post something akin to suppertime conversation – we’d love to have it face to face over a meal, but this is the best we can do, so please take a few minutes to give it a read, maybe a few minutes of your thought.

It’s pretty simple: we need your help. I know that’s all we DO as Crop Mob is help, but if we want Crop Mob to keep lending a hand in the Atlanta farming community, we need to band together and really run this thing like a group of people passionate about the same cause. The good part is that if we all do a little bit, no one has to do a lot.

Here’s why we need your help. All your mob bosses are people trying to balance this with the rest of our lives, which often involve wearing a lot of hats. Mike just had a beautiful baby girl and is studying to become a holistic health coach on top of his full time job. Amy got married recently and has a very busy full time job at a university in addition to doing tons of volunteer work AND securing us delicious food for every mob. Kimmy is also balancing that whole full time job thing with starting The Homestead Atlanta, an educational center for self-reliance and sustainability skills. In short, we’re busy. A little too busy. We’re not going anywhere though, and we want to see Crop Mob Atlanta continue to thrive. We just think having it be more group led not only keeps the load light on everyone, it also fits such a wonderful inclusive volunteer group!

Want to know why else we need you help? For the farmers. We have mobs booked through the end of 2013 and still receive requests almost daily. And the truth is, while our scheduled mobs are great, the most important ones are the unscheduled ones – the ones where we jump in to help farmers who are sick, have broken legs, are pregnant and need an extra hand, suffer from natural disasters on their farms. That’s when we need a solid support network put in place to get people out where our help is needed most.

So below is a list of all of our upcoming scheduled mobs, though we can already tell you there will be some others tucked in there along the way as well. We need people to volunteer to lead a mob – and it’s really VERY easy. All you have to do is coordinate details with the farmer (number of mobbers, tasks to be accomplished) and be on hand at the farm to help with logistics – and the truth of it is that usually means making sure everyone gets split into groups and hollering that it’s lunchtime! We’ll even continue to organize food (though we might ask that you pick it up on your way to the mob from time to time). It’s super easy, it’s just that Mike, Amy and Kimmy have tons of weekend commitments these days, but we want to make sure farmers still get the help they need.

Please email us if you’d like to step up to help coordinate one (or more!) of the following mobs or the surprise mobs we’re bound to have coming up soon:
August 4 – Tre Lune (Douglasville)
August 25 – Burge (Madison)
Sept 7 – Arabia Mountain
October – Greenleaf (Barnesville)
November – The Little Farm (Atlanta)
December – Viewpoint Health (Atlanta)

Thank you so much, y’all. We can’t tell you how much all of your contributions have meant to us, local farmers, and the sustainable food community in Atlanta.

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  • Hello! I just wanted to mention that I recognize the need for people to come to events to help cropmob and gather food for food pantries and food banks howevvveerrrr I would personally be more apt to attend if the mobs were closer in to the city/more highly populated areas, and I wonder if I’m not the only one who feels this way. Is this something you all have already addressed, or is there a reason that I’m not thinking of why the mobs are sometimes out in douglasville or outside the perimeter….? thanks! =)

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