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Howdy, everybody! We’re back from the Georgia Organics Conference in Savannah with full hearts, heads and bellies – not to mention the first sunburn of the season for many of us! It was a really great event; lots of folks with a wealth of great ideas for moving the state’s sustainable agriculture initiatives forward all getting together and spreading the love. Add in some dang good food and a chance to hang with new friends in a fun, historical city and you’ve got yourself quite the event!

Even more exciting is the fact that we’ve got a whole new group of Crop Mob brothers and sisters keeping it real in Savannah! Crop Mob Savannah had its kickoff event at Avondale Farms and it was a great time and a perfect intro to mobbing for our newest chapter. And can I just tell you, these Savannah mobbers might just give you guys a run for your money; they showed up ready to work despite losing an hour to the time change, are going to mob straight through weather that makes you sweat just thinking about it and have these charming little friends called Sand Gnats. What they lack in size compared to our city-bred mosquitoes they more than make up for in number and tenacity. WHEW!

We did some weeding and harvesting and even got to watch a fantastic demonstration on beekeeping – it was all kinds of interesting, and I was proud of our folks for really getting in there and asking some great (or at least hilarious) questions. Combine that with some of the tastiest pizza I’ve had AND a keg of beer generously donated by 5 Seasons Brewery and brought down by Beer Bearer Extraordinaire Jonathan Lee (thanks, Jonathan! And happy birthday!) and you’ve got yourself the beginning of something real good!

We can’t wait to watch how our mobber friends in Savannah grow and modify Crop Mob to best suit the area’s needs. There was lots of talk about working with school-age kids as well as a few farms already eager to be mobbed! And hey, if you’re ever in Savannah, be sure to stop in for a mob! (But be sure to wear some bug spray – those sand gnats are killer!)

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  • What a great day it was! Can’t wait for the next SAVANNAH cropMOB gathering =D

  • Ok…here is your chance! All play, no work. Welcoming Spring Picnic- Sun Mar 27th 2-6pm (maybe later) 384 Beaufort Rd Sav 31419. Bring a blanket, something yummie to share, music maker, and a grateful heart. RSVP please.

    I had a blast @ Avondale! Hope to see you all @ THIS fun event!
    PS Remember the Bamboo Farms is having there Spring Festival Mar 26th- only 2.00 to park. We will be there!

    • Susan, Came to the picnic this afternoon. Enjoyed meeting your husband and your chickens. What a garden you have! Since you weren’t there yet, we went off to explore the neighborhood. Planned to return, but then the weather sent us packing. Sorry we missed you. Thanks for the invitation. Susan Lamb and Jacquie Fraser.

      • Hope to see you this Sunday @ Hope Grows

  • […] inaugural mob was at the lovely, and very centrally located Avondale Farm (here is the recap). We had a great time, but as it goes with mobs, we must keep moving. We thought it only fitting […]

  • How can I be of service for the crop mob this sunday? Is a pot luck out of the question? Maybe homemade soup & bread, simple is always good. I could make soup (just need to know @ how many.

    • Susan, please register for the event this Sunday at Hope Grows (http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1487008683). This is how we track registrations and send event updates. Hope Grows is providing chicken salad but a veggie soup and bread would probably be greatly appreciated. Right now there are only 6 people registered.

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