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Atlanta’s Westside has only recently transformed into the hip, up-and-coming spot that it is today. Many Atlantans remember when that area was little more than industrial wasteland with a handful of interior design stores scattered about. But what very few remember are the days it was full of cattle and horses. That’s right: the Westside used to be the heart of the city’s livestock trade. And at the center of it all stood the Miller Union Stockyards.

Fast forward a hundred years to the hotspot Westside we know today and you’ll still find Miller Union, only now it’s a locavore’s dream restaurant with a nod to the location’s history. The brainchild of Steven Satterfield and Neal and Carolyn McCarthy, the restaurant opened to much acclaim in 2009 and has continually gained in popularity ever since. With a dedication to farm-to-table cooking (you can find Chef Steven at the farmer’s market nearly every Saturday) and a clean, warm and intimate decor, Miller Union’s approach to dining is as welcoming and comfortable as it is unique. Unlike some of the nouveau cuisine trends, Miller Union serves food you’ve had before – meals reminiscent of the homecooked memories of an idyllic youth – foods you may even cook at home yourself. With one exception: these are the best incarnation of these dishes you will have ever tasted.

It may seem like a tall order, but every dish I’ve eaten from Miller Union I’ve had hundreds of time in my life. And, without fail, MU’s take on it has elevated it to gourmet cuisine. A southern influence informs the food without being too heavy. The Feta Snack is a great, bright way to start your meal. The trout is remarkably fresh and twice as delicious. Three words: Creamy. Grit. Fritters. Seriously, they’re as good as they sound and then some. And now that the restaurant is serving lunch as well, there’s no reason not to find a time to go.

Plus Miller Union is dedicated to creating a sense of community. Beyond its commitment to buying local and working with small-scale, sustainable farmers, the restaurant also hosts Harvest Dinners every third Tuesday to let patrons share a communal meal family style at a large table and actually get to know one another, an element of dining that few restaurants offer. Additionally, every Friday this summer is part of the Summer Sunset Series with a special bar menu between 5 and 7 (including the aforementioned grit fritters and the equally life-changing fried okra).

But the community effort that has touched us most has been Miller Union’s unbelievable generosity toward Crop Mob. From the group’s inception, MU has been there every step of the way for support, encouragement, and out of this world meals. In fact, that’s been a highlight of every mob. Tired, hot faces suddenly perk up when they see Steven and the MU crew start setting up lunch. We’ve enjoyed the best chicken salad ever, the best pulled pork ever, the best potato salad ever, the best farro salad ever and so many more “best evers.” Oh, and the pecan sandies are like crack.

Rumor tends to spread in the morning about what’s for lunch and remains a major conversation topic throughout the day. And the opportunity to share a meal together – not to mention such a delicious one – really solidifies the sense of friendship that grows over several hours of hard work together. Crop Mob wouldn’t be the same without Miller Union’s contributions. So thanks, Miller Union. We love you.

Photo credits: Miller Union and Marietta St. Artery

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  • Just seeing this now—thanks so much!! We love what you guys are doing too.

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